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Location on Bali

Starting at the airport, which is located in the touristic South of Bali, the sightseeing transfer guides you through various landscapes of Bali until you reach the Northern Coast of the island of Gods.

After a 2.5 hour journey, you reach the still original fishing village of Geretek, which is located at the coastal road.

Directly in front of the temple complex at the end of the village, a small path leads to the gate of the mansion “Teluk Indah”. Get off the car and feel at home.

Your personal vacation paradise is waiting for you. You will find a garden which is 18 ares large, lavishly planted and directly situated on the coast.

On location, you will be taken care of by our manager Made Santiara, who speaks English very well. Made, who is living in a neat house on the property together with his wife Rini (a clinic doctor) and his little son Gede, is looking forward to meeting your needs with the help of his lovable team. If you, he will be pleased to show you many of the things that contribute to the mysticism and beauty of Bali.

Let yourself be enchanted by the uniqueness of the North Balinese coastal region, that is not yet ruined by tourism, and enjoy your stay with all your senses.

It felt like we had arrived in paradise as we entered the Teluk Indah mansion. Sabrina & Christoph
We felt right at home, enjoying the hospitality, peace and the great food, daily massage – in fact everything. Kaschel family
Super holiday with a feel­good factor, a wonderful experience. Hardy Klapper
Sylvia Vetterli
Im Ganzenbühl 15
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