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The mansion Teluk Indah

The terraced estate of the mansion “Teluk Indah” is 65x30 meters large and is directly located in a fantastic bay, which is populated with corals and sponges.

The mansion, surrounded by a large terrace, is embedded in maintained gardens, including a fish pond, a swimming pool and a massage pavilion, and provides a beautiful view of the vastness of the sea.

Based on the blueprints of old Balinese builders, the walls were built in a self-supporting way up to the roof construction. This provides a feeling of openness and spaciousness. At the same time, an ingenious and natural ventilation system ensures pleasant coolness and freshness.

The rooms are dominated by warm colours and the beige colour of the marble floor. Furthermore, furniture made of teak and bamboo as well as carefully compiled art objects convey a stylish and agreeable sense of living.

The imposing living room is very high and bright and is, among other things, equipped with a TV system, video system and audio system.

Both bedrooms have large ceiling fans and air conditioning. There are also mosquito nets over the beds which ensure that even sensitive natures can enjoy a light-hearted sleep.

High-quality plumbing products, marbel floors and marble walls, as well as the lowered, semi-open rain shower area of the two bathrooms meet even the highest demands.

It felt like we had arrived in paradise as we entered the Teluk Indah mansion. Sabrina & Christoph
We felt right at home, enjoying the hospitality, peace and the great food, daily massage – in fact everything. Kaschel family
Super holiday with a feel­good factor, a wonderful experience. Hardy Klapper
Sylvia Vetterli
Im Ganzenbühl 15
CH-8405 Winterthur
+41 52 233 378 0
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